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Bucket Seat Covering Tips and Tricks Classic Car Ford Mustang Cougar Episode 186 Autorestomod

Bucket Seat Covering Tips and Tricks Classic Car Episode 186 Autorestomod

We repair a worn seat bun and save the base upholstery cover for re-use in the 1967 Mustang. Our tips work on most any bucket seat base. We use seat buns from National Parts Depot and hog rings and hog ring pliers from Eastwood..

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Where to find the best Ford truck parts online

Having a Ford is like having a treasure. You share in the American “truck mentality” culture and show of tradition. But buying one Ford vehicle is just one part of the entire picture, keeping it running smoothly after years of use is another. The brand has lasted a good old century; it is now your turn to make it last while under your care. This means that Ford made car models are sure to be tough on the road but not on the driver. It’s your call now on how to lengthen your own Ford’s road life.

As of today’s trends, online help will be easily accessible. The modern age of internet can help in the process and it is only proper that even in the auto industry, they too have made this bold move. Not a single car manufacturer in the world is left out with no website of their own which sells cars, genuine auto parts and offer world class customer assistance. Seize this opportunity and take it as an advantage that the usual auto parts you once thought is not that easy to find can now be accessed with a few clicks.

Of course, as a result of that “easy access” behavior and mindset, most netizens have accumulated in the era of the great online community, it has produced a society not free from flaws; a characteristic of modern and ancient societies alike. When a thing is easily accessed, you cannot avoid jerks to become opportunists in all aspects. Many of them come up with fraudulent sites to extort money by selling fake parts which will eventually cost potential and imbecile buyers their own precious lives.

So as parting advice, try going to the Ford’s site itself or those that are listed as their official distributors to avoid this issue and save lives.

Keep Your Ford in Good Shape

Ford cars are one of those originally American made vehicles which first came into the auto industry in 1903, by Henry who owns the surname that the company would bear for more than a century later. If you own one, no matter what model or year it came out in the market, you can still be proud that you have been part of an authentic American car industry tradition.

But owning one isn’t just about being proud about having one; be ashamed if you can’t properly care for it. Ford cars just like any other cars which are a product of a different era usually carry with them the right parts; always rigid and durable. But nothing lasts forever. The lesson is you wouldn’t need to be Henry to take care of this car. You can be anybody but still be able to maintain that ford model you got even after years later.

The question now is how? The first thing to do is to be relevant to the community, in a global scale. Be cautious about the trend of an ending world due to global warming and ozone layer destruction. By putting that in mind, contribute something to mother earth by lowering your CO2 emissions. You can do this by also reducing every carbon print you produce by saving on fuel.

After that, finding genuine parts to keep Ford engines working in perfect condition is next on cue. When it comes to maintaining the brand, trust only those people whom you bought it from. Without sacrificing quality, always bear in mind that cost must not be a hindrance to still keep the wheels rolling. The stakes are high if you buy simplified or fake copies of your ford parts so just lower your emissions and buy genuine auto parts to avoid this to happen.

Ford Parts: Selecting Authentic Quality

Oem Ford Parts

Welcome to! Looking for OEM Ford parts? Browse our site to find parts for Ford cars and pickup trucks, OEM part numbers, catalogs, helpful tips on Ford car and truck maintenance and more information.

Ford Parts: Selecting Authentic Quality

Ford’s global footprint is massive. The Company has great impact on the automobile industry and the expansion of sales across the Pacific and throughout the world has grown. Today, Ford exists for more than a century, manufacturing reliable models of cars and trucks as well as joint ventures with Volvo cars, Mazda, Land Rovers and Jaguars.

The Ford cars had received good reviews from users although the make of the Continental and Edsel did not fare so well with the public. In 1964, the Ford produced a breakthrough with its release of the Ford Mustang and after a few years, it released a downsized version, the Ford Pinto. It is said that no sports car ever seize the interest and hearts of the consumers the way the Mustang has. It has grown to be one of the company’s strong sellers. To maintain these cars, adequate used of quality and cost-effective parts should be fitted to aging and lost parts of your Ford vehicle.

Ford Make

Ford OEM parts in the market are varied and widespread. Knowing what you want is important to acquire the parts you need. For your latest Ford mustang, you can replace your old or damaged coolant temp sensor at $55 yet with an engine bust, the price is way too high with price between $2,000 to $11,000, depending on the specification and engine type. Mustang’s engine fuel is priced at $80, the cover at 130 and the mustang cradle at $300. By contrast, the Ford Explorer’s engine is cheaper and runs at $3,000. As for Lincoln engine parts, the adapter can be acquired at $60, the temp sensor at $56 and the oil filter at $5. For the 2010 Mercury make, engine parts are sold at similar rate. Other parts and accessories can be availed at dealers such as the Texas Motors Ford and the Ford Part Dealer, offering OEM parts for your needs.


There had been points raised that insurance companies must give way to OEM parts being used to new model cars than generic parts. Safety concerns are promoted for this and changes in the rules have taken place. It may benefit the company to replace damaged parts with generic quality products but the government issues the company to cease the use of generics over the genuine OEM parts because they devalue your car. If the insurer won’t allow OEM parts to replace your car parts, cover the difference yourself.

All in all, OEM part are safer and reliable than non-OEM parts and these parts and accessories for your Ford car are accessible through various dealers and manufacturers. Simple research and budget are needed.